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Synopsis: As Haleigh laments to her sister about her failures, her descent into her self-sorrow takes her away and lands her in a place she was not expecting: An Elevator. As she watches people exit the Elevator toward unexplained “floors”, Haleigh tries to prevent the Elevator Operator from bringing her to a place she isn’t ready to go to yet. They discover there may have been a mistake and fear that it may be too late but also, that it may not. Before Haleigh can go any further, she is thrust back to her to where she started, but with an entirely new outlook.



Run Time

14 minutes


Jessica Leigh (Haliegh)
Jacob Glenn Aquino (Elevator Operator)
Sarahlydia Sophia (Laura)
Veronia Wyle (Goth Girl)
Victoria Kelemen (Hell Girl)

Directed by

Chuck Marra
Megan Marra

Director's Statement

We had so much fun making this film. Megan and I have reinvented ourselves so many times we’ve just about lost count; one reason why this story immediately captured our attention, because this is a story about remaking yourself and second chances.

We loved the metaphor that an elevator only takes you up or down and you must choose a direction, to the person bathing, in fact drowning, in self-pity and drinking more of it, and then begging for another chance at life. We both believe there are always second chances, and third and fourth …. to change the course of life.

Jessica, Jacob, and SarahLydia put their heads together and wrote this script. The original script was of much larger scope, but we all decided to focus on just the part of the story in the elevator.

The entire company got inspired and built a tiny claustrophobic elevator in the studio with The River Stix, and Bhāvachakra (the Wheel of Life) references encased in cold steel.

Shooting in a small space had challenges that none of us expected. So, Todd Gadjusek engineered the small marvel of the elevator set (that opened up to allow filming, without breaking the illusion of the small elevator) and including a working gates of Heaven and Hell

Matt Marra beautifully pulled off the the cool-feeling, high-contrast shots we needed. Not an easy task with the bright lights and reflective wall material tiny space weave him.

Fashion was a large part of the story. We wanted the costumes the characters wear exhibit the image they wanted to cover themselves, which is why Jessica’s character is without covering …Jacob Glenn Aquino wrote and also played the Elevator Operator (Charon). We decided that a black cloak and hood would be too ‘on the nose’ and so the wardrobe crew came up with a black Elevator Operator Coat.

We got to rehearse the scene with Jessica and Jacob as a part of the development of it. When shooting time came it went off without a hitch, except for the barking dog and circling helicopter that plagued our night shoot on location. That has also become a running joke with our company: “Cue the dog”.

Megan and I both believe so much that it’s never too late to change your life, that we made this movie about it.

Director's Bio

Megan Foley Marra and Chuck Marra have been working together since 1987, first in casting then as a Producing/Directing team both in theatre and in film. They have produced over 70 theatrical productions and currently have 23 short films in the post production or on the festival circuit. They have more short films, feature films and series in development. They are married and have two sons who work with them in production.

Megan Foley Marra has been in the industry her entire life, either as a performer, casting director, or director. Having cast over 3500 commercials and dozens of movies, TV shows, and Industrials in her 30+ year career, first as Megan Foley Casting and now Foley Marra Casting, she is best known for her casting of commercials and independent films. She has a great eye for recognizing and developing talent.

She and Chuck have also directed and produced over 70 plays and always work together in every aspect of each production at their Lake Arrowhead Repertory Theatre Company. Their focus is on theatrical casting at this point while also creating and developing their own material. They have recently co-directed and co-produced 23 short films which are currently hitting the Festival circuit.

Production Year


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