Schedule of Events

2019 MAFF Gathering


At the Festival | In Camp
Listen to music and zone out while laying around in our Tibetan Chill Lounge.
Slacklines and Yoga will be happening informally for those who want to join in or give it a go.
Make friends and dream of your next adventure!

Beyond the Festival | Outside of Camp
*Once you leave the campground, you have officially left the festival. All activities are independent of the Festival and you assume all risk for anything in which you participate.
Keller Peak offers many opportunities…

  1. Rock Climb – Bring a guide book or join members of the ROWCC to show you where
  2. Hike or Trail Run – to the fire lookout or on the Discovery Trail
  3. Mountain Bike
  4. Skateboard Keller Peak Road – The road will be open to traffic, so know your abilities and ride safely
  5. Swim in the “Running Springs Riviera”

At the Festival | In Camp
Friday Night | Climbing Films |7:30pm – 11:30pm
Presented in Collaboration with the Vertical Life Film Channel and Climbing Magazine

  1. “Free Flow” – Directed by Paul Diffley
  2. “Parasol Peak” – Directed by Johannes Altzetmüller, Jeb Hardwick
  3. “Dead Last” – Directed by Dylan H. Brown
  4. “From Zero to Kilimanjaro” – Directed by Morgan Bertacca
  5. “Ngumu” – Directed by Olly Pemberton
  6. “This is HERstory” – Directed by Igor Hristov
  7. “The Pathan Project” – Directed by Broust Guillaume
  8. “Hers to Take” – Directed by Annie Martin
  9. “Wetter Stein Ridge” – Directed by Jakob Schweighofer
  10. “Adaptive” – Directed by Taylor Zann

Saturday Night | Adventure Life Films | 7:30pm – 11:30pm
Presented in Association with the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival

  1. “Love, Trails, & Dinosaurs” – Directed by Alex Oliver
  2. “Good Morning” – Directed by Maxime Moulin, Antoine Frious, Richard Permin
  3. “Safety to Nome” – Directed by Jonathan Hunwick, Kenton Gilchrist
  4. “3 Days” – Directed by Julie Sharbutt
  5. “Welcome to Gwichyaa Zhee” – Directed by Greg Balkin, Len Necefer
  6. “Morning” – Directed by Corey Rich
  7. “Life on the Edge” – Directed by Saritha Roberts
  8. “The Running Pastor” – Directed by Tim Kemple
  9. “Convergence” – Directed by Jeremy Roberts
  10. “Broken” – Directed by Simon Perkins
  11. “The Rio Caqueta” – Directed by Tyler Lee
  12. “All 4 One – The Tandem Tour Story” – Directed by Adam Miller
  13. “High Passes” – Directed by Cosima Barzini
  14. “The Movement” – Directed by Tim Kemple, Anson Fogel


Please bring your own food and the means to cook or prepare it.
We have lots of FREE Beer until it’s gone.
Water will be onsite and available to keep everyone hydrated. BRING YOUR OWN CUP OR BOTTLE
Bring your own camping chairs or blankets
If you’re camping, please bring all of your gear. Space in our group sites will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

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