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Synopsis: Julie, who just moved to New York to pursue her American dream is in the “freshman” phase where it’s still exciting to go to Times Square. Our story starts when she stops by a small crêpe restaurant in the east village to drop off her resume. The place is called “Le Crêpe Eiffel”. It’s small, chaotic and famous for serving very elaborate crêpes in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. Julie soon meets the rest of the team and what will become her new world; a naive Southern hostess, a hipster bartender, a callous, dispassionate server (and her alter-ego, the overly nice server), a busboy in a linguistic limbo, a manager who would prefer not to have any customers, a phantom owner, the kitchen staff, tourists, and the demanding local customers. Julie has no experience what so ever as a waitress, and the manager of “Le Crêpe Eiffel” who wasn’t willing to hire her, finally decided to give her a chance. But she will have to train diligently and learn how to survive this urban jungle the hard way because serving in New York City is not an easy ride.





Run Time

7 minutes


Marine Assaiante (Julie)
Will F. Young (The manager)
Amber Bloom (Kat)
Quentin Bruno (Jake)
Piper Parks (Megan)
Jonathan Duran (Enzo)

Directed by

Elea Clair

Written by

Daniel Castaneda

Produced by

Daniel Castaneda

Executive Producer

Marine Assaiante

Edited by

Fabien Montagner


Wilhelm Kuhn

Director's Statement

Producer’s and writer’s Statement:
Our writing and producing team are composed of Marine Assaiante, a French Actress and Daniel Casteneda, a Colombian content creator; together we created Check, Please! the web series. We met while we were working in a popular restaurant in the East Village, famous for its melted Raclette cheese. We knew that we wanted to work on a comedic project together and we realized early in the process that we were both attached to having a restaurant as a backdrop. Since we wanted to keep the format light and energetic, the restaurant allows us to introduce a lot of different characters and themes without requiring a long setup and the quick nature of the back and forth that happens there just lends itself to great dialog.
In order to portray the modern American workforce accurately and create characters that people could relate to, we based all the main roles in the series on people we know and love. It’s the story of a young woman, who like many others, has moved to New York City to pursue her life’s dream and has to find a way to adapt and survive in this wonderful but crazy city. In addition to cultural differences, clichés, the language barrier, and immigration status issues, Julie will share adventures and frustrations with those who will become her new family.
New York has always attracted dreamers and passionate people from around the world like ourselves. We
want to show that diversity by creating a funny show based on characters with diverse backgrounds, and
offer a unique and original take on the life of a young female immigrant. We came to New York because we wanted more, bigger and better. Producing our own web series today is part of our American dream. And like a wise man once said, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere.”

Director's Bio

Eléa Clair is a French actress, known for numerous roles on French television, including recurring roles in Déjà Vu on France 2 and Plus belle la vie on France 3. She’s appeared on such series as Interventions, Clem, Palmashow, Commissariat central, On va s’aimer un peu, beaucoup and Ad Vitam, which was selected in 2018 at the International Festival de la Rochelle in France. Fluent in English, she starred in Italian filmmaker Liana Marabini’s English language film, Mothers, alongside Christopher Lambert and Remo Girone and in American Robert M. Cluesman’s indie feature, Flasher. She has also directed three short films: Commerce (pas très) équitable (Unfair Trade), Limbo and The Amazings, and she coproduced Six and Midnight Films’ first short film, Trop c’est trop (I’ve Had Enough!), who just won the audience choice award at Katra film series Festival in NY. She’s been directing all the episodes of Check, Please!

Production Year


Official Website



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