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Synopsis: An Innocent Student from a small town comes to a big city with big dreams. From The city that never sleeps, where equality is a priority, where women have sometimes more than an equal opportunity, comes this story of betrayal, and seduction, of an unforeseen outcome. In our new world of fairness, what happens when our pendulum of equality swings a bit too far in the other direction?



Run Time

23 minutes


Jyoti Singh
Gauri Singh
Ishani Chakravorty
Vick Krishna
Anthony Anaya-Gorman

Directed by

Jyoti Singh

Director's Statement

“I wrote this story “He Too” when I came to visit India, I heard “Me Too” was such a big statement. I was raised by saying “Me too” all the time, without any reason. After encountering and meeting some #lgbtq friends, and actually have a conversation and realizing how men feel and how majority don’t state anything because of the taboo, men are strong, slangs, silly. I do believe women abuse is still very prevalent all across the world and in villages. But I still did not feel it was fair for men to suffer because majority of the abuse has been women and kids. So I wrote a story, basic story, about abuse, some situations actually happened, so I used them in my story.

I felt the reason story must be told because we should look at each case individually and plus women with power abusing the system are downfall for women getting justice. So in all fairness I decided to experiment in my debut as writer and direct again. I believe in equality for all, even animals and non discriminatory environment. I believe in non discrimination between Race, Gender, Sex, Color, Caste, Creed. Compassion is a must in this world. I spend time focusing on that, and pray for world peace. I believe, “Love is Love” and love towards humans and animals and letting people live the way they want to is a must. Life is too short, who has seen tomorrow. So I focus of issues that I have encountered in my life and how I can improve them.

I wrote this film in 2018, 2019 end, when I was teaching Acting at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. One of my student act’s in the film as I needed a younger actor, Ishani Chakraborty. Of course, my team was fellow students I met at Esber College in Manhattan. Even though funding is always an issue, luckily I had saved enough for this film and my fellow actors were just willing to act. So I wrote, it took us a year and half of filming, due to time constraints and my constant visits to India for my movie, “Yadvi-The dignified Princess’ work. Finally, we are at the last stages of Post Production.

Filming is not easy and help is scarce. But in the end it is the hard work, perseverance that matters and a good product to your best ability. An experimental film.

This film is my first time as a writer. I hope to touch some people’s heart and maybe they can relate to such situations in their lives. It is a journey of any man or women, and what we all face it in today’s world in a different ways. Thank’s to everyone who contributed to this film and hopefully you all will like our work. Peace, Love, Light, Respect, & Unity. “

Director's Bio

“Jyoti Singh is a US-based actress of Indian origin. She is also the director of Yadvi – The Dignified Princess, a biopic on Maharani Yaduvanshi Kumari, the daughter of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala. Jyoti Singh, born in Dehradun, India, came to USA in her early years. Her Father, now retired was an engineer at boarder roads in the Indian Armed Forces, and her mother was the Princess of Maihar in central India.

Jyoti Singh is an acclaimed award winning NYC based actor, and director She has to her credit a number of awards as Actor and Director. Yadviâ”The Dignified Princess, Samosa, 9 Eleven, On Golden Years.
Yadvi is a women empowerment film based on a true story; Samosa tells of immigrant womens experiences in New York; Yadvi has won as many as twenty-two awards worldwide, and was released in New York and Los Angles May 25th to June 1st 2018.

Apart from her Acting Career, Jyoti Singh spends her free time Singing and working for her charitable nonprofit organizations. Notable, Rajmata Vimlakaur Sahiba of Patiala Charitable Organization that funds projects concerning women and children’s welfare all over the world. She had recently spent several months in India since 2017, teaching kids on footpaths in Mumbai.

Her motto in life is: Life is short and we all have one life to live. So live as tomorrow may never be Live with peace, equality, compassion, humility, humanity and harmony. Always Stay Humble. Spread the Light, that shines within. Equality for All.” She believes in Mata Amritanandmayi, “The Hugging Saint” and her post’s and time on blogs and writeup’s are spent of words of Love, Compassion, & Humanity.”

Country of Origin

United States

Production Year


Aspect Ratio


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