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Synopsis: After some time alone Robin gets back in touch with his best friend Steve who attempts to help him with his relationship and employment problems. Struggling to juggle his new commitments Robin relies on drugs and alcohol as the pressure of urban life becomes too much. Polar is a zero budget, comedy drama that deals with topics such as love, friendship, substance abuse and mental health.





Run Time

82 minutes


Drew Horner (Robin)
Rotimi Pearce (Steve)
Grace Perry (DaIsy)

Directed by

Dominic Jackson

Written by

Dominic Jackson

Produced by

Drew Horner

Edited by

Dominic Jackson

Director's Statement

I wrote, directed, shot and edited Polar, even adding music I have composed and doing audio recording on some scenes. It was written based on my own life experiences of depression, anxiety and substance abuse. I believe that mental health is a huge issue for humanity our spiritually hollow society plays a major role in all pain on this earth. Not wanting to make a harsh and bleak drama I added an element of comedy, as life can be so strange and amusing as well as sad and brutal. I hope I found a good balance with this film. I used the Dogme 95 film movement and The Duplass Brothers (mumblecore) as influences to craft a mixture of fly on the wall drama and observational character driven narrative. What started as an experiment quickly grew into a fully fledged feature film which we shot in the most guerrilla style possible all around London. I feel this is a great film for your festival and I hope you enjoy it. Please see the press pack for Polar for more of the backstory to how and why it was made with no money at all.

Dominic Jackson.

Director's Bio

Working in video production from an early age I then moved into audio engineering at many events and parties across the UK. Eventually I realised that film was my medium and I had all the right skills to move into it. After working in various roles I then wrote, directed shot and edited Polar a film dealing with issues such as mental health in a drama comedy style. As I had the rich back ground in various media roles I was able to do most of the work myself I then completed an MA in Cinematography at Goldsmiths University London adding to my knowledge. I am now working on a spiritual successor to Polar, “Loser” which I will be raising funding for. This film will get deeper into the causes of addiction, the root and childhood reasons we rely on substances to fill that spiritual hole in our psyche’s. I hope to keep working on films that stimulate positive change in society, either as a writer, director or DOP.


Trebinje Film Festival - Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2020

For the fresh and inventive European film expression in film Polar. (Dominic Jackson)


You’ll find no glitz or glamour here, just the story of one man struggling to deal with day to day life, lying to himself as much as he is to anyone else and relying on drugs and drink to help him fight against his anxiety. It’s a harsh reality that’s well captured here and Horner’s portrayal of Robin feels as though it could have easily been plucked from real life. - Film Carnage,

Production Year


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