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Synopsis: Eris a young tormented woman goes into an introspective path as her depression grows, forcing to question herself the reasons of her existence while the darkness within her begin to tempt her to put an end to the depression and pain once and for all.


Not Rated


French (English Subtitles)

Run Time

8 minutes


Melissa Celikovic (Eris)

Directed by

Antonio Chavez Trejo

Written by

Melissa Celikovic

Executive Producer

Antonio Chavez Trejo
Melissa Celikovic


Antonio Chavez Trejo

Director's Statement

This is an extremely personal film for my lead actress Melissa Celikovic. This is a story about anxiety, depression and suicidal thought and the dark journey of the people who suffer from them have to go through. This story was triggered not only by her own experience but also by the death of a very close friend of hers which pushed them into writing a cathartic script. The beauty of it’s message deserved an equal visual approach reason why we devoted ourselves into a quest of finding the perfect locations which would represent the different states of mind a person suffering from this mental issues has.

The film however has light at the end of a very dark tunnel as we journey with the main character and her deep and introspective dark thoughts.

We love that the film helps and bring a little hope for those who suffer and also some empathy and understanding as we present mental health problems which people who have never suffered from them can barely understand, me included.

I am grateful to Melissa for opening with me and letting me peek into her mind so we could both create with very little a beautiful rendition to a very difficult state of mind. We are grateful for the wonderful response we have got at every film festival and to know that the film has had a very personal impact with so many people. We can hope having this new opportunity given by your festival we can reach more minds and spread the awareness and hope embedded in this film.

Director's Bio

Antonio Chavez Trejo is a Mexican filmmaker, writer, producer and entrepreneur. His films are noted for their surreal feel, dark undertones and sense of humor, visually appealing cinematography and have been featured in many film festivals internationally including Cannes Film Festival and the AT&& Film Awards among many others.

Antonio was born and raised in Mexico City. In 2005, he received his bachelor’s degree in Science of Communication from the Universidad Anahuac del Sur where he met his screenwriting mentor The Palme d’Or winner and Oscars-nominated writer and producer Guillermo Arriaga with whom he still has a great friendship. He also possesses an associate degree from Spanish Radio TV – RTVE in Screenwriting and as a Television Anchorman and a master’s degree from the New York Film Academy as a Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking.

In 2014, his dark comedy short film Killer Tango was world premiered at Cannes Film Festival. In 2015, Antonio’s short action/drama «Bloody Luck» premiered at Cannes Film Festival and in 2016, it got 6 nominations and won Best Short Film at WIND International Film Festival. It was also an official selection at the HBO’s Urban Action Show Case International Action Film Festival in New York, where it was nominated for Best Short Film.

Shortly thereafter, Antonio wrote and directed a dystopian post-apocalyptic short drama «MIRA Protocol». The film premiered at Glendale Film Festival nominated as «Best Short Film» and Antonio won a «Best filmmaker in Burbank» award and got the recognition from the Legislature of the State of California in 2017 as such. The film ended up in a dozen of festivals around the world with five more awards for the filmmaker.

Antonio co-directed the feature film “El Freeman” which was premiered recently in Los Angeles, CA and has already secure distribution in soviet countries and the U.S. and in 2018 won the Madrid International Film Festival.

In 2018, Antonio announced that he is working on a project called «Howlers» and creating a unique scriptwriting narrating structure which allows to follow multiply story lines at the same time. The project combines together three elements: 360 degree environment, traditional filmmaking and immersive theatre.

As of today “Résilience”, his dramatic and experimental film created with the writer and lead actress Melissa Celikovic has been screened in 13 festivals in America and Europe, has earned 20 nominations, 13 awards and several recognitions from the senate and California legislature.


AT&T Film Awards - United States - 2019

Best Short Film Shot on Mobile Device (Antonio Chavez Trejo, Melissa Celikovic)

Glendale International Film Festival - United States - 2019

Award Best Film Burbank Filmmaker, Nominated for Best Short Short, Best Film About Women Empowerment and Recognitions from the Senate, LA County and California Legislature (Antonio Chavez Trejo, Melissa Celikovic)

International Narrative Short Film Festival FICMAN - United States - 2019

Award April’s Winner and People's Choice Award in the Annual Competition (Antonio Chavez Trejo, Melissa Celikovic)

Borrego Springs Film Festival - United States - 2020

Award for Best Cinematography (Antonio Chavez Trejo)

Best Shorts Competition - United States - 2019

Award Leading Actress (Melissa Celikovic)


The short film is dark, scary, introspective. For seven minutes, Antonio Chavez Trejo's camera captures Mélissa and all kinds of emotions she's going through. The Mexican director has already won awards for his short films. With Résilience, the duo goes from festivals to festivals and wins awards after awards, starting with the prestigious AT&T Film Awards. "For a period of two years, we are presenting the film in different festivals." The short film has already been screened in Italy, Canada and many other places, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the actress gets her origins from her father. - Le Journal d'Elbeuf,

I wrote my life on paper. I experienced depression and got out of a difficult situation, which I thought had no cure. In the last two years, my three friends have committed suicide, and when I heard about the third, I wondered, "Where is the end of these horrible things?" That is why I hope that all those who look at the realization will have hope for a better tomorrow and that it will be a signpost for them - concludes Čeliković. - E. BAKIĆ,

Jack - You can definitely tell that last shot!! I was like how do you get the sun, like the depth of focus, and the fore front of the actress on that cliff without any lighting issues... I was like whaaaat?

Jack - You don't need a mayor budget, you just need to have the idea, you need to have the know how, right and you need to have the desire to stick it through because you could've quit 5th day in, were there any challenges that you said, screw that Im just not going through this anymore.

Antonio - Oh yeah everyday... There was a little accident when we were doing the water part, it happens and Melissa got a concussion.

Jack - So how did you get through it? Why didn't you just quit? What didn't allow you to quit?

Antonio - We had a deadline, so there's not a lot of film festivals that are actually sponsored by a mayor corporation and has actual prizes. Melissa and I were there the previous year and said, yes I remember this guys, I remember this short films and I want to be there.

Jack - So essentially you are telling me you did this movie, this short film that won a 5000 dollar award for for AT&T Film Awards for 500 bucks, just the actress you were gonna shoot and a one man crew with you and your iPhone... and boom you did this? Dude this is insane this is the type of stuff that really inspires me.
- Jack Rico,

Production Year


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