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Synopsis: Two Weeks Notice is a story about a couple named Michael and Jenny, and their pet frog that they’ve been raising together. In Jenny’s world; things have been consistent, steady, and stable. While she fully believes that life isn’t a fairy tale and that happiness can and will reach it’s peak, she is content with Michael and is in it for the long haul. Jenny comes home from work one day to learn that Michael has met another woman that has brought him true happiness and that he is leaving Jenny to be with her. Knowing this may be startling for Jenny, he has the idea to give her two weeks notice before ending the relationship, truly thinking it is the kind thing to do to lessen the blow and ease out of things slowly and compassionately.



Run Time

9 minutes


Mickey Schiff (Michael)
Marisa Hood (Jenny)

Directed by

Melanie Thompson

Written by

Marisa Hood

Produced by

Maggie McGovern

Executive Producer

William Greenburg

Edited by

Devin Spahn


Katie Spahn

Production Designer

Martha MacGruder


AJ Young

Director's Statement

Breakups are absurd. They are, typically, both a long time coming and completely out of the blue. They bruise your ego one moment then have you wondering why you put up with that person for so long the next. They don’t put their dirty socks in the hamper! They’re weirdly close with their mom! They crack their knuckles too loudly! And they have the audacity to break up with me?! I love how Two Week’s Notice takes these conflicting feelings to the heightened levels of ridiculousness while also touching on some very real relationship truths. Do we stay because we are comfortable? Is settling inevitable, or should we all be seeking rom-com levels of compatibility? I enjoyed exploring those themes while bringing this delightfully funny script to life. But the best part was getting to collaborate again with my friend Marisa. Her pitch-perfect writing made directing Two Week’s Notice an absolute blast, and I feel the fun the entire cast and crew had on set resonates in the film. Please enjoy!

Director's Bio

Melanie Thompson is a writer, actor and director. A graduate of Emerson College’s highly competitive Bachelor of Fine Arts Acting program, she has been featured in various films, TV shows and commercials, including Sick for Toys, Hulu’s Dimension 404, and Charlie, which she wrote, directed and produced. Her shorts and screenplays have been recognized by a number of festivals, including WeScreenplay’s Shorts Contest, the Diversity Film Festival, and the Top Indie Films Awards.

Production Year


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