• Halter Off

    Far removed from the pomp and pageantry of races like the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, Halter Off offers an unapologetic look at the underbelly of horse racing in Charles Town, West Virginia and one man’s shot at a second chance.
    Run Time: 18:51 minutes
  • Hard Romanticker

    A cocky young gangster finds that all kinds of people are out to kill him in this frenetic crime thriller.
    Run Time: 109 minutes
  • Healing Horses

    Through the stories of three women, "Healing Horses" explores aspects of the healing relationships created between humans and horses.
    Run Time: 27:50 minutes
  • Healing With Horses

    A documentary about a local mission with a global message.
    Run Time: 17:00 minutes
  • Hemel

    A young woman struggles with her sex addition and daddy complex in this explicit, mesmerizing drama
    Run Time: 80 minutes
  • Herd

    During a nature retreat deep in the heart of British Columbia 's horse country, eight people participate in a collective spirit quest of meditation and equine therapy.
    Run Time: 53:00 minutes
  • Hers To Take

    The story follows the filmmaker, as she learns to deal with ear of failure while bouldering in the Peak District.
    Run Time: 9 minutes
  • Hidden in the Woods

    A shocking, controversial splatter fest about two young girls after being abused and sexually assaulted, explode with vengeance.
    Run Time: 96 minutes
  • His Name is Midnight

    Story of a prince to pauper rodeo horse with an unstoppable will to survive.
    Run Time: 28:05 minutes
  • Hockey On The Hoof

    In the heart of Sussex in the English countryside the sport of Polo is played by aristocratic young men. We visit the famous Cowdray Estate and have the game explained by the commentator, himself an accomplished player and teacher of the sport.
    Run Time: 16:26 minutes
  • Horror Stories

    These 4 horror tales involve zombies, serial killers and two adorable kids in fatal danger in this chilling, terrifying anthology.
    Run Time: 109 minutes
  • Horse

    JAR wrote Horse song as an anthem to bring all horse lovers together through the venue of music.
    Run Time: 5:13 minutes
  • Horse of Kings "Thief of Hearts"

    Horse of Kings is a cinematic search for the story of the Carthusian horse. The roots, triumphs and future of this oldest Spanish breed.
    Run Time: 90:00 minutes
  • Horse of the Gypsies

    Gypsies and Traveling families of the British Isles devoted generations to developing the magical gentle horse now known as the Gypsy Vanner Horse.
    Run Time: 26 minutes
  • Horse Packer

    Horse Packer follows Travis, in his newly appointed position as Lead Packer on the West side of Rocky Mountain National Park.
    Run Time: 13:58 minutes

    A young man reaches out to horses who reflect his inner emotions as he tries to find his strength again.
    Run Time: 42 minutes
  • Horse Reflections

    During the time I was self employed as a Natural Horseman I've had many unforgetable moments and life lessons with horses and their owners. This song reflects that time and what it is like to have horses in your life.
  • Horse Rich Dirt Poor

    Wild horses are caught between an incredibly polarized and emotionally charged debate aiming to write their future in the American West.
    Run Time: 15:54 minutes
  • Horse Shelter Diaries

    Nine horse trainers took 9 horses that had never been saddled and ridden and trained them for 100 days.
    Run Time: 65 minutes
  • Horsehead

    A shocking horror-fantasy about a young woman haunted by fevered nightmares involving a horse-man.
    Run Time: 92 minutes
  • Horses 911

    Natural Horseman, Tony Simonetti built an action packed horse business right here in New York. Watch Tony as he takes on problem horses and their humans. Tony will always fix the horse, but sometimes it's the human that poses the biggest issue. With his colorful staff and young family, follow Tony as he enjoys every minute of his hectic lifestyle.
    Run Time: 22:01 minutes
  • Horses Under Voice Control

    A video that shows some examples of the level horses can be trained without the use of either whips or food incentives.
    Run Time: 21:40 minutes
  • Hounds And The Huntsman

    Deep in the heart of the Sussex countryside this film follows the charismatic man known as 'Sage' as he breeds, nurtures and trains his pack of hounds.
    Run Time: 43:02 min minutes
  • Hozho In Beauty We Walk

    Hózhó, in beauty we walk " is a first part of documentary of 30 minutes which plunges us into the mysterious world of the centaurs Amerindians: «the dineh of Arizona (People in Navajo).
    Run Time: 27:08 min minutes
  • The Holy Land of Tyrol

    An epic period story of love and loyalty at the end of the Napoleonic Wars in the Tyrolean Alps.
    Run Time: 123 min minutes
  • The House with 100 Eyes

    This grisly horror-comedy follows a nice couple who happen to also be serial killers and snuff filmmakers.
    Run Time: 80 minutes

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