Lady Filmmakers

  • ///HALF

    On a mission of self-discovery, a musician confronts her dark side in a surreal landscape.
    Run Time: 25 minutes

    What's happening at 1805 A Butterfly Drive? A mother, her daughter and a mystery.
    Run Time: 11 minutes
  • A Dreamer's Melody

    A trip to the movie theater sparks a passion for a young girl and her shoes.
    Run Time: 4 minutes
  • Adam

    A re-animated being seeks out his creator when the pursuit of his mate ends disastrously.
    Run Time: 8 minutes
  • Alone. Together.

    On Saturday evening during quarantine, people try to connect over their computer screens.
    Run Time: 39 minutes

    Black Girl Poem confronts the power dynamic of sexual assault within the Black community.
    Run Time: 3 minutes
  • Buttball

    A young, tomboy in the early '80s gets a taste of gender politics in the form of recess.
    Run Time: 13 minutes
  • Candle

    A musical film about the power of unity from singer/songwriter Jamee Mae Kyson.
    Run Time: 6 minutes
  • Cotard's Delusion

    A young woman is blackmailed into digging up a grave to save her father's life.
    Run Time: 8 minutes
  • Dante Falls

    Ghost caretaker Nova must save the world when she sort of releases evil spirits.
    Run Time: 15 minutes

    A heartfelt story proving love really does move in mysterious ways.
    Run Time: 13 minutes
  • Everything's Fine

    A mother suffering from PPOCD struggles with intrusive thoughts about harming her baby.
    Run Time: 13 minutes
  • Fast and Faster

    Legendary rally woman was winning all over the world but lost all her personal battles
    Run Time: 3 minutes
  • Going My Way

    A devoted wife and mother decides to live the remainder of her life on her own terms.
    Run Time: 15 minutes
  • I Put the Bi in Bitter

    After coming to terms with her bisexuality, Sam attempts to come out and start fresh.
    Run Time: 4 minutes
  • Journey For Justice

    After experiencing sexual violence, Vasilisa Komarova succeeds in getting justice.
    Run Time: 14 minutes
  • La Santera

    Graciela uses her mother's faith in Santeria to protect her younger sister from a predator
    Run Time: 15 minutes
  • Lady Hunters

    Once upon a time, three moms became a vigilante death squad.
    Run Time: 15 minutes
  • Life, Boat, Home

    She saves other people's lives but she couldn't have saved her loved one.
    Run Time: 4 minutes
  • maybe

    Maybe . . . I'll say . . .
    Run Time: 3 minutes
  • Nora Ephron Goes To Prison

    Friendship transcends fantasy in this musicalized love letter to Nora Ephron and NYC.
    Run Time: 8 minutes
  • Pie Car

    Take a ride on the Pie Car! It may just be your last.
    Run Time: 14 minutes

    Run Time: 8 minutes
  • Rhinestone Blue

    An aging cowboy sets out to compete in a small town talent show when things go awry.
    Run Time: 7 minutes

    Who is the shadow? What reality do we choose?
    Run Time: 10 minutes
  • Still

    The accidental witness of domestic violence, a 40-year-old woman decides to intervene.
    Run Time: 5 minutes

    A mother and survivor from Oakland reveal the complex reality of child sex trafficking.
    Run Time: 22 minutes
  • The Go Cart

    An injured shopping cart defies fate and brings happiness to the world around him.
    Run Time: 11 minutes
  • The most Important Number is One

    Set in Uganda, Kony war survivor Ronald relives his pain and returns to confront his past
    Run Time: 38 minutes
  • The Nest Egg

    The Nest Egg: the story of a chicken suit, benevolence and eggs.
    Run Time: 15 minutes
  • The Nude Model

    A one-woman film about a figure drawing session gone terribly awry.
    Run Time: 15 minutes
  • The Shutdown

    Documenting real reactions of Kansas City citizens to the first shutdown due to COVID-19.
    Run Time: 79 minutes
  • Underland

    Alice follows the Hatter to Wonderland, but will she make it out alive?
    Run Time: 7 minutes

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